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The Blue Sky and the Pinkberry

How was your Friday? Mine was muy bueno. I completed Orientation at Anthropologie on Friday afternoon. At my previous employer I had been leading New Hire Orientation every two weeks for 6 years… SIX YEARS. I had managed to memorize 87 pages of the employee handbook. It twas thrilling. Today I enjoyed being on the other side of the handbook for once. I met some really stylish and sweet ladies at the Newport Beach, CA store. I will be working at a different Anthro store in SoCal, one that is considerably closer to our apartment. Heading to the Newport Beach store was a one time training for me. The NB store is located in “Fashion Island”. Um, talk about fashion paradise. I had an immediate case of shoppers overload. I browsed around the island for 45 minutes and bought nothing.

I had quick Pinkberry fozen yogurt for lunch before heading into Anthro. I ordered my usual (original flavor with mango, coconut and almonds). I sat down to enjoy my flavor trip to paradise at a window seat allowing me to people watch. But it turns out that I was being watched. I realized that I was being stared at point blank by a 4 year old named Sky. She was literally two feet away from me. Personal space anyone? In a Veruka Salt tone she said “I want to sit where SHE is sitting.” She being me. Still standing two feet away from me, now pointing. Mind you I am the only other customer in the place and there are 20 other available seats. This pig-tailed chica was hard core staring me down. Honestly, I didn’t know how to react, so I chose to ignore her. I felt that it was a teaching moment for her parents/ grandparents. It was just plain awkward for me. I finished up and headed over to Anthro. I looked back and saw that Sky was now in my seat.

Orientation was nice. I learned the basic Anthropologie principles, reviewed the handbook and recieved a tour. I was in! Behind the scenes! As the manager entered the security code into the shoe storage room lock she dramitacaly said “Are. You. Ready?” Anthro humor. Love it! Later in the afternoon I bumped into one of my favorite bloggers Hayley from The Weekend File. My first day at Anthro was a delight. I am looking forward to many more.

Last night I laid out two outfits. Unable to decide I contacted 3 people closest to me (Hubby, Bestie and the lovely Leah).

What ta do? What ta do?

The winner was…

If your Friday wasn’t as great as mine I hope your weekend is. Cheers!

Update from SoCal

Guess who got a job at Anthropologie?

I did! I’m excited to be surrounded by beautiful things and to help style outfits for customers. My Bestie is concerned my head might explode. While it’s a far cry from the corporate world of Human Resources I am looking forward to whatever lies ahead for me at Anthro. I definitely needed a break, so like I said I’m excited to do something different. To be around things that inspire me.

SoCal life is easy breezy. Except for the traffic, high sales tax, and shortage of parking. Our neighbors are super friendly and that’s a good thing because it is definetly close quarters near the beach. We live 2 blocks from the ocean. ..I know, tragic.

While everyone in our beach town is laid back and friendly I haven’t made any “friends” yet. But my peeps keep telling me it takes time… I hope to meet some delightfully fashionable ladies at Anthro to fill that void.

I start training on Friday afternoon. As a previous Training Manager it will be interesting to be on the other side of the table for the first time in 10 years.

My only concern is what to wear. It’s like the first day of High School. I can’t decide. l think it will be a game time decision. Stay tuned to see what I wore on Friday. For the first time in a long time it will not be flip flops.

What I Wore on My Last Day

Today is my last day of work with my current employer. I have been there 6 years and I’m super excited to move on.

Speaking of move…I’ve been crazy busy lately because we are moving to Southern California next week! Hence the reason for my blogging absence.

Woot! Woot!

What I Wore: Billabong Tee, Joes Jeans, MadeWell Andie Sandals, Banana Republic Tote